Over the weekend, I went into my personal chamber the Latin calls it “introspection”.

I was very honest to my lone self. I said to myself, I am a Pan African nut who always publicly attempted to change the horrible conditions of Africans in theMotherLand. To magically transform them into loftier places God has on this earth, while at the same magical moment, make the continent an undisputed paradise even God would want to have vacation home in.

Introspectively though, I found out that what I really want is to raise a lots of money in the name of my people, recruit a lots of people, build a giant organization, receive some of the most sought after accolades, being held in the highest social circles, and admired by all for these achievements without being personally held responsible or challenged for my organization’s leadership.

Introspectively again, if my commitment toAfricaand its people was genuine, I would show this love to the Africans around me.  I would love them so much that I couldn’t hurt them, gossip about them, be little them, talk down about them, invade their privacy, have selfish attitude toward them, envy them, anxious to hear bad things about them, sabotage their affairs, or join others to demonized and predict their downfall.

Introspectively, it’s hypocritical to publicly profess a love of a people far away and hate their families around you.

This was the outcome of my inner chamber weekend meditation, what is yours, introspectively?


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