Brazilian bank joins Africa finance forum



By Godfrey Olukya    4-4-2014

Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) has joined this year’s Africa
finance & investment forum (AFIF) as an official partner providing the
pan-African forum a Latin perspective, a first for EMRC’s annual
finance meeting, and establishing further South-South cooperation.

According to Africa Press, Brazil’s decision to join Africa forum indicates
that it plans to cooperate with different African countries in the near future.

“This is significant, as the presence of BNDES will ensure discussions
and partnerships at the South-South level which in today’s economy has
become a growing trend,” explains Ines Bastos,  senior programme
Manager at EMRC and AFIF2014 Manager. “The Brazilian delegation will
be on hand to discuss and find potential partners which is extremely
significant for us as organizers and for all those coming from across
Africa and Europe.”

The Africa Finance & Investment Forum, entitled ‘Financing Business
Opportunities’ will take place from 4-5 June 2014 at the DEG
headquarters in view of Germany’s deep seated heritage as a world
leading business, economic and financial hub. The Forum will play host
to the two hundred selected professionals and decision makers coming
from Africa, Europe and beyond.

The Brazilian Development Bank, main financing agent for development
in Brazil, will show-case Brazil-Africa partnership opportunities.

Since its foundation, in 1952, the BNDES’ operations have evolved in
accordance with the Brazilian socio-economic challenges, and now they
include support for exports, technological innovation, sustainable
socio-environmental development and the modernization of public

BNDES’ mission is to foster sustainable and competitive development
in the Brazilian economy, generating employment while reducing
social and regional inequalities. BNDES is committed to the development
of Brazilian society in an integrated fashion, which patently includes the
social, regional and environmental scope.

Brazil today, together with Russia, India, China and South Africa,
forms the bloc of emerging economics known as BRICS.  Present on the
African continent since 2013, the Bank plans to broaden its relations
with regional and local institutions, as well as furthering its
know-how concerning Africa’s business environment.

The Bank’s presence in Africa is expected to help boost business between
Brazil and the continent, contributing to mutual economic development.
The BNDES’ efforts also reaffirm the Brazilian government’s priority
to relations
with Africa.


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