Council Member Vallone Announces Launch of Educational Ambassador Program for High School Students


April 4th, 2014


On Friday, at a press conference held at his district office, Council Member Vallone announced the Educational Ambassador Program for high school students within the 19th Council District. Following a recent visit to the World Journalism Preparatory School and witnessing the professionalism and ambition of the students in the ambassador program there, Council Member Vallone decided to use their model to create an expanded program through his City Council office. This program provides an excellent opportunity for the students involved to experience the different aspects of a City Council office’s responsibilities. 

“Of the many initiatives we have started this year, the Educational Ambassador Program is one of the top priorities for our office,” said Council Member Vallone. “Each high school in our district will be sending us the best and brightest to become the ambassadors for the rest of the city to see and emulate. They will come to City Hall and present legislation they will have drafted, engage in district and city-wide community service, and work with our District attorney, Borough President and City Comptroller’s office to engage in all aspects of public service. Providing this opportunity that gives each student every possibility of future success is the least we can do for our children.” 

The four high schools and students participating in this program so far are Holy Cross High School (Nabil Tavarez, Joseph Lombardi),Bayside High School (Sydney Boodoo, Michael Flores Ribbeck, Brenda Ruiz), World Journalism Preparatory School (Harvind Japra, Raj Vaidya, Ruchi Vaidya), and St. Agnes Academic High School. The principals and selected students from these schools were in attendance, in addition to reporters from Holy Cross High School and World Journalism Preparatory School. In the future, Council Member Vallone plans on spreading this program to other Council Districts who wish to participate, as well as expanding to other grade levels within his own district so more schools could become involved. 


Lionel H. Morales

Director of Communications
Council Member Paul A. Vallone
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