Funeral for 9-year-old Sidy Fofana

Muslim community participate in afternoon pray before the funeral

Today was the funeral for 9-year-old Sidy Fofana who died Wednesday evening after falling onto a scaffold outside his 40 story building in the Bronx. Following Jumu’ah prayer this afternoon the boy’s body was carried into the Timbiktu Islamic Cultural Center as family, friends, and classmates came to say goodbye and pray for his family.

His classmates, teachers, and other’s who knew Sidy came saddened by his sudden passing bringing flowers and cards. They respectfully honored the mosque by placing scarves on their heads and removing their shoes as they entered, but were unable to place the flowers on his casket as they had hoped.

The sidewalk outside the mosque was filled with mourners after the funeral prayer was complete. Full of tears the women watched on as the men coordinated the removal of his body and headed to the cemetery in New Jersey.

Those from his school at Success Academy Charter School were able to go visit his mother who was at her apartment and give her the gifts of yellow roses and handmade cards they brought with loving notes on them. The rest of the women also went to be with his mother in her  mourning.

How the fourth grader fell off the roof and onto the scaffolds still remains unanswered.

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