UAC Celebrate Community Leaders During One Year Anniversary

Terra Renee with host, Tomi after receiving award.
Terra Renee with host, Tomi Omotosho after receiving Communal Bridge Builder award.


On Sunday evening, May 25, the African community came together at the AI Imam Islamic Center in Parkchester, Bronx to honor those who have taken part in the progress of the community for the United African Coalition’s (UAC) and to celebrate its one year anniversary on Africa Day.

The celebration was about the community and its political efforts over the past year as a unit. Many of its members have already been in community groups around the city for several years, but when District 16 had four African candidates running for city council in last year’s race it sparked an already active community to realize its political power in a new way causing UAC to be born. The background and future of UAC was spoken about by Bukola Shonuga during the program.

During the last year the organization needed several entities to be successful and some of them were given awards for their dedication to the cause of the AUC. Amadou Diallo, one of the four people who ran for city council last year received the Communal Unifyer award for being the first African to run for the position which made UAC aware of the need for their organization in the African community.

Other award honorees were Hon. Sidique A. Wai for Communal Trailblazer, Ndali Kashume received the Communal Pillar award, Amir Sheikh Saliou Diabi for Communal Leadership, Leroy Nibbs, Big Apple Web Developers, for Communal Patron, Terra Renee, African American Women in Cinema, for the Communal Bridge Builder, and the African Advisory Council (AAC) received an award for Communal Governance and was accepted by their President Charles Cooper Jr., who was also hosting the night.

Along with Cooper was Tomi Omotosho to as the host, and there were two performances by Edna Thomas-Granger, who sang the official UAC theme song written by the President, Sheikh Moussa Drammeh.

Following the award ceremony was dinner and dancing. After a successful year the UAC looks forward to their growth in the political realm as an African organization.

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