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Senegambia 2016


Africa, the birthplace of mankind, the cradle of civilization, the center of the universe, the symbol of diversity, the jewel of natural beauty, the Mecca of cultures, the global leader in natural resources, and the greatest potential for development is poised to once again be the example of a peaceful coexistence among all people, in harmony with clean nature and its other inhabitants.

A continent that has given so much to the world is again ready to lead in pacifying the increasingly violent world. With its unique attributes for development, coupled with its youth-majority population, peaceful coexistence among all its citizens shall make the continent a perfect paradise to live, raise families, nurture entrepreneurships, vacation destination and investment.

New York peace Coalition, in collaboration with African governments, NGOs, Educational Institutions, businesses, foundations and people of goodwill, is launching an annual “Africa Peacemakers Convention” in Dakar, Senegal in December 2016.

As the Diaspora has become the Sixth Region of the African Union and the citizens are participating in many areas of Africa’s development, these annual conventions in promoting peace and partnership would open more collaborative doors of prosperity for the continent.

These conventions shall bring thousands of more families and individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities to Africa to celebrate peace, diversity and economic partnerships.

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