Haitian-American Author Cindy Similien-Johnson Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month with Cooking Class



Brooklyn, NY – To celebrate Haitian Heritage Month, which is observed in May and celebrated in the United States by those of Haitian heritage and culture, Author Cindy Similien-Johnson has collaborated with the Court Tree Collective to host a “Cook Like A Haitian” class.

Participants will celebrate Haitian Flag Day while learning to cook a traditional Haitian meal. Through discussion and demonstration, students will learn the ingredients and techniques used to create signature Haitian dishes and about the Haitian culture.

Ms. Similien-Johnson is the best-selling author of the “Cook Like a Haitian” e-cookbook series. The idea of writing a cookbook was spurred by her desire to preserve the meals she had while growing up in a Haitian household. One of her earliest childhood memories was the time she visited relatives in Haiti one summer.

She said, “I remember sitting at a table in a backyard filled with banyan trees. For breakfast, I had meals like Mayi Moulen (Cornmeal) with Sòs Pwa Nwa (Black Bean Sauce). As I got older, somehow (and unfortunately), I got disconnected from my roots. I lost my sense of cultural identity and the ability to understand and speak the Haitian-Creole language. There’s an African proverb that says, ‘We must go back to our roots in order to move forward.’”

A few years ago, she decided to learn everything she could about her Haitian culture. Consequently, she began cooking and compiling the recipes from her childhood.

“’The Cook Like A Haitian’ cookbook series is my way of not only preserving traditional Haitian recipes but also helping others reconnect to their Haitian roots through food,” she continued. Her books are now available on Amazon.

As a board member of the United Nations Association-Brooklyn Chapter, she helps bring awareness to the humanitarian efforts provided by the United Nations to tackle global challenges. Every day the United Nations provide food to 90 million people in 73 countries. According to statistics, 100,000 children under five years of age in Haiti suffer from acute malnutrition.

“Growing up, I was always told to give back to the community,” Ms. Similien-Johnson said. “I am also motivated by my faith in God through Jesus Christ to help the poor. In every message that He preached, you can see that heart of Jesus was to always help the poor.” To help alleviate the issue of hunger in Haiti, Ms. Similien-Johnson will donate a portion of the proceeds to a feeding program.

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