The Official Removal Of Afrika Bambaataa From The Universal Zulu Nation


UZN Organizational Public Statement, Re: The Official Removal Of Afrika Bambaataa From The Universal Zulu Nation.

Friday, May 6th 2016

Peace and Love from The Universal Zulu Nation,

We, The Supreme and World Councils of “Universal Zulu Nation” based in New York City who are in control of the Universal Zulu Nation, who has the only authority, are taking this time to address the membership and global community in regards to Afrika Bambaataa’s role in our organization.

We are publicly announcing the Official removal of Afrika Bambaataa from The Universal Zulu Nation.

Based on the numerous allegations of child molestation, we as an organization cannot allow these allegations to tarnish the name and/or legacy of The Universal Zulu Nation.

We take these allegations very seriously because we are a youth-driven organization with the mission of saving young lives through the advent of Hip Hop Cuture all around the world.

Until these allegations are addressed by Afrika Bambaataa we cannot allow Afrika Bambaataa to be apart of our worldwide movement.

As a point of clarification Afrika Bambaataa has not been the leader of UZN since 1994. In 1994 UZN started a global realignment in order to better serve our global communities. It was during this realignment phase that Afrika Bambaataa handed the reigns of UZN over to the Supreme & World Councils.

Though we respect Afrika Bambaataa for his Humanitarian efforts, work within UZN & his overall contribution to Hip Hop Culture; we can in no way allow these great things to cloud our judgment. The Universal Zulu Nation has an obligation to its members and global communities, to address any of these allegations of such a serious nature.

Today’s Universal Zulu Nation continues to operate under the Principles of Peace, Unity, Love, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, overcoming the negative through the positive and having fun to serve a higher purpose.

These Principles have always been the foundation of UZN, and through this ideology we will continue to serve our global communities selflessly. We ask that all Zulu Nation members please understand that no one person is bigger than the overall mission.

We thank and appreciate those who continue to support/acknowledge Universal Zulu Nation for its 40 plus years of Global Community Service.

Thank You & Peace,


By: Esperanza Martell

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