Volunteers Are Needed!


Dear friends and peacemakers:


As you may all be award, for the past seven years we’ve left no person unapproached in building this monster ‘Peaceful Coexistence’ movement whose quick success has exceeded our wildest expectation not only locally but internationally as well. This was possible in part because of the amazing international peacemakers we are blessed with in leading this growth.  Together in God’s grace, Peace December movement shall be established in every nation on earth by 2030 thereby thousands of lives and billions of dollars would be saved annually because the movement.

As a result of this fast expansion, we at the headquarters in New York are struggling to meet the crucial converging international demands, a blissful problem to have indeed.

For this reason as well as the noble mission of Peace December, we’re humbly seeking more volunteers for the movement to help us meet all the demand coming to the headquarters. People can volunteer without leaving their homes. It’s also a great service to involve our children and parents to this noble cause. Supporters with financial means can sponsor Peace December activities in their chosen country or state, because we firmly believe there is no worthier cause to volunteer, provide financial support or joined than Peace December movement. We owe it to the next generations to leave them a more peaceful world than we’ve inherited it.

We can no longer be inactive spectating victims in the world dominated by endless greedy conflicts, rising extremism, deadly political and religious polarization, generational organized crime families, expansion of Wall Street Prison Industrial Complexes, exponential widening of have lots and have nothings and a world where women continue to be oppressed and violated. No, no, we will not be spectators! #peacefulcoexistence #peacedecember. www.peacedecember.org

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