Press Conference For Grassroots Funding



***Media Advisory for Monday, January 16, 2017, 1-2:30 PM. We would like to tell The New York City Mayor & The New York State Governor to extend public safety budget dollars to protecting our communities! Press Conference to be held on the steps of The Bronx Supreme Court Building on Grand Concourse.

Media Contacts: Sheikh Musa Drammeh: 718 822- 5555

WHO: The New York Peace Coalition, I am My Community Inc., NY Neighborhood Unity Alliance, Bronx Educators United for Justice, Community Peace Patrol Officers, C-BALL and The Bronx Clergy Task Force are protesting the 2017 New York City and State preliminary budget projections for not including funds that will support grassroots community initiatives to preventing senseless murders ravaging New York communities.

WHAT: Governor Cuomo spends $ 4.8 billion annually on public safety. Mayor De Blasio also plans to spend $5.1 billion according to the Fiscal 2017 Preliminary Budget. Both figures combined, New York is planning to spend $ 10 billion for the Fiscal Year 2017. Yet, none of these tax dollars will go to community programs that are creatively enhancing community policing. New York City would prefer spending more than $ 1 million a day protecting Donald Trump and his family while leaving vulnerable New Yorkers to die at the hands of irresponsible gun users. Community organizations in the Bronx are calling on all City and State Elected Officials to allocate money for educational programs that will take guns from the street and save our community. Just recently, Cindy Diaz, 48, was gunned down on E. Tremont Ave. near Boston Road while taking food to her children. If Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio do not put more into the communities to fight these murderous acts, both New York City Council and the Legislature in Albany will take a big share in the non-stop acts of violence plaguing New York. If the City has $ 1 million to protect one man, then they should have more to protect the community.

WHERE: On the steps of the Bronx Supreme Court Building on Grand Concourse.

WHEN: Monday, January 16, 2017, 1-2:30 PM.

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