Health sector in every economy should be treated with a lot of care and considerations. This sector deserves better treatment when it comes to welfare conditions.

After 100 days of deaths, pains and despair of Kenyans, the Health ministry, the council of Governors and the Medic’s Union signed a joint return – to – work formula, effectively bringing the strike to an end. The council of Governor Chairman, Peter Munya and officials of Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists announced the end to the strike.

Initially, the government attempted to put an end to the strike by imposing a sack method but the doctors were never scared. They stood on the ground that their pay has to be increased by 300%, employment of more doctors due to shortage and also improvement in their working condition and environment. As a result, the strike continued and the country recorded more deaths due to the fact that about 2500 members of the Kenya Medical practitioners went on strike.

Boniface Chitayi, the union secretary General said ” we have called off the strike so that top union officials can negotiate with the government. I have made an appeal to the doctors to go back to their work after the government assured us there will be no victimisation” it is confirmed that the doctors were being victimized against their duties.

Dr. Ouma Oluga, head of the Union of Medical workers (KPMDU) also said that it was impossible to separate the rights of the patients from the rights of the doctors. However, in about 100 days, lives were lost as a result of the strike, sure, might it be the right of the patients to die?

The Government of Kenya has approved additional 560$ to $700 a month on allowances. It also promised to fulfill the working condition requirement and staff doctor shortage; employment process has began.

Kenyans are highly excited at this development. Many lives have been lost during this process and the citizen are happy to have their live safers back on track. Some Kenyans lamented that the strike had lasted too long and they wondered when it will end, calling off the strike brought a lot of joy to their hearts. It was a battle that was won.

As a matter of fact, a doctor can mean the difference between life and death. Accident and violent crime victims and soldiers wounded on the battlefield know this because their lives depend on the skills of surgeons. People who suffer critical injuries need a doctor to attend to them quickly because delaying treatment might simply mean death.
Doctors are responsible for increased life expectancy and improved well-being in society so they need to be treated well and respected in terms of welfare and well-being.

The government of Kenya had taken so long to comply with the needs of the doctors. The number of deaths during this strike exercise cannot be reversed, therefore, doctors in every society should be given urgent responses and attention to their demands because they are the spinal cord of every healthy society.

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