Peace December Advocacy Initiative Nigeria is a chapter of Peace December, Bronx, New york City, USA. It is a non governmental organization established in Nigeria in 2016. So far, it has recorded commendable efforts on peace making all over the country.

Director, Nassarawa state, Ibrahim Ogoshi, highlighted some of the events that took place under the NGO such as; peace meeting among the farmers and the herdsmen, visiting the Fulani’s in their homes and courtesy visit to stakeholders in the country. He ascertained that every plan to sustain peace in the country is taking shape.

Similarly, the National Secretary Saliu Bashir also added that the organization has successfully collaborated with University of Ilorin, centre of peace and strategic studies on peace related activities. There has also been organization of peace talk among youths and students across the country in order to ensure a violence free society. In addition, another successful collaboration was with African Women Lawyers Association,Nigeria (AWLA) to work together and proffer solutions to peace related cases.

Recently, representatives of Peace December Nigeria visited the IDPs camp in Durumu, Abuja. The aim of the visit was to solidarise and emphatise with the displaced persons, also to know their challenges and see how the NGO can assist and inspire them, not leaving out the installation of the culture of peace in the children. The NGO further donated books and clothes to the displaced children and further identified peculiar problems such as tribalism amongst the children and poor learning centre. The displaced children were also motivated through sporting activities in order for them to feel more acceptable. There was also an awareness lecture on peace where the basic tenets of peace and importance of peace making were explained and emphasized. The children assured that they will be peaceful with one another by all means. The state Director Abuja, Yusuf Ola Raymond reiterated that tribalism among the children has to stop for unity and peace to reign. He also added that they were able to talk to the children on tribalism and the importance of Unity.

Previously, Peace December Nigeria organized a meeting with the fulanis and the farmers in collaborated with National Orientation Agency in Nassarawa state. The purpose of the meeting was to foster and sustain peace among them through dialogue. The National President Peace December Nigeria, Mutiu Olawuyi noted that plans are on the way to establish a vocational centre for empowerment of the youths in order to reduce idleness and poverty. The meeting was a success as both parties – herdsmen and farmers concluded that they need to accommodate and forgive each other in order to sustain peace in the society. So far, conflict has been minimized between the two parties in Nasarawa state.

Peace sustainability should be a major focus for every citizen and this is mainly because it enhances growth and development. Peace December Nigeria has decided to stand firm on instilling peace in every Nigerian in order to establish a violence free country. However, stake holders, NGOs, private bodies and the government cannot do it alone therefore, every citizen has to imbibe the culture of peace for global development.

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