“President Barrow, think twice before you fire any professional in the public service…” – Says Gambia’s former head of Civil Service

GAMBIA – On Thursday 11th of May 2017, Momodou Sabally, former Minister of Presidential Affairs, Secretary to the Government and Head of Civil Service called on President Adama Barrow to carefully look into the way he has been relieving some Gambian experts in various sensitive positions in the country.

Sabally said this after hearing the the relief of the Gambia’s Central Bank Governor from his position with immediate replacement. He said that sacking the few available professionals in the public service would cause serious damage to the nation.

On his Facebook timeline he wrote, “Dear President Barrow, please think twice before you fire any professional in the public service. True, we have many degree holders; but the true professionals are few; moreover, our salary structure and level makes it unattractive for the top minds to work for the system…”

Almost all the officials sacked so far have claimed that they have no clue of why they were sacked.

“We received our letters today without giving us any reason for our sacking, only stating ‘Your services have been terminated with immediate effect,” the sacked head of Gambia’s central bank Amadou Colley said.

However, reports gathered show that all the sacked officials served under President Jammeh who has been accused by some in the new administration of having looted millions of dollars during his 22-year rule.

It is therefore believed that to exert his position of the President of The Gambia, Adama Barrow since taking office in January has replaced officials in key positions whom he believes are still loyal to former President Yahya Jammeh.

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