Somalis hail Duniya, the humanitarian nurse


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Somalian Chapter recently featured on the humanitarian activities of Duniya Hassan Ali, a young Somali nurse who has decided to stay with her own people in the interior rural area of Wadajir District in Somalia and volunteer with the support of her team to provide the villagers health care service.

Thousands of Somalis on social media showered countless praises on Duniya for her uncommon humanitarian effort and support for the impoverished Somalis in Wadajir most especially this time when the region when the region is in faced with both human and natural catastrophes.

“I’m very much proud of Duniya’s work as it is very rare to people of her age and gender to put themselves such condition where medical facilities and structures are not enough. The demand for healthcare services in that region is at alarming rate and the health care system is very poor. We sincerely appreciate the relentless effort of Duniya and her team because what they are giving (services) for our beloved Somali people should be your first priority,” said Ibrahim Mohamed Imba, a Somali Facebooker.

Duniya Hassan Ali is a supervisor and nurse at Wadajir Health Center, Wadajir District, Banadir region. She believes she is fulfilled by rendering professional support to her own people who have been deprived of basic healthcare service.

“I am happy that I am working for my people and helping my brothers and sisters in the Somali community. One of the challenges we have is lack of workspace. This room is small – only four-meter by four-meter but it hosts three departments – vaccination, Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and child health for under-five children. But we manage to carry out our work, providing immunization and child health serving for hundreds of mothers and children from nearby communities,” said Duniya.

A massive campaign was therefore launched by some Somali social media activists and volunteer calling for the support of Duniya and her team most importantly for the expansion of the health center.


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