The story of the life and times of Africa’s foremost leader, Nelson Mandela is enough inspiration for every African child. His humble background, growing up and later becoming is sufficient to haul one into a purposeful living. Nelson Mandela is undisputable one of the greatest African leaders of all time. His selfless sacrifice and contributions to the progress of Africa has ranked him high. Little wonder he has about 260 honors including the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded in 1993.

According to, there are some major accomplishments of Nelson Mandela that Africa Digest shares here for all African children to learn from.

After joining the African National Congress in 1944 as a youth in his early twenties, Mandela saw the need to establish a youth arm of the Congress where young minds could sit to meet and discuss pertinent issues. In achieving this, he and other youths in support of the course rose to make the initiative happen. As a young man with goodwill, he quickly rose from an ordinary member of the executive to the elected president of this youth arm. This informs youths that there is always a reward for commitment and dutifulness to any course one chose in life.

Mandela, today, is celebrated in the world as a famous leader. This feat did not come merely without a price. Mandela paid for it in various ways. He was once held in hostage for fighting for the freedom of his people. He was a leading opponent of the 1948 apartheid legislation. He was arrested and sent to jail for this but today, he is one of the best known black political figures in the country. Mandela lived a life in the service of his people. He spent 27 years of his life in prison. This is a great height of sacrifice that every African child must get to know.

Before rising to become the first black president of South Africa, he had to face and conquer stiff challenges. Mandela was held in solitary confinement. Pressure was mount on him from the apartheid lords. At a point, he had the choice to be free if only he will compromise. Mandela never did –he stayed true and faced whatever consequences that will arise. This is the definition of strength.

The life of Mandela is really enough exemplary resource for leadership and strength. African cannot fully appreciate the late legend. God bless Mandiba.

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