Jungle justice claims life of innocent military officer

Despite several attempts by government to put an end to the practice of jungle justice across the globe, some communities around the world are still deeply rooted in the evil practice. It was another unfortunate case of how jungle justice sent an innocent man to his grave in Ghana on Monday.

It was reported that Captain Maxwell Mahama was lynched without mercy by community youths who took him for a thief. The woman who raised the alarm said that she found a pistol on him and for the reason thought he must be a criminal as he was not in a uniform to identify him to any constituted force.

The world have since reacted to the issue of jungle justice with irritation,  describing the act as backward and uncivilized.  For Amarachukwu, a respondent, “Jungle justice” is nothing but “symptomatic backwardness.” She says “It is better 100 criminals go free than” having to “kill one innocent man.” Martins also puts it that spilling an innocent blood “is the height of it all.” For him, anyone “who takes the law into their hands must be punished.”

Innocent Maxwell Mahama was found jogging in the early morning of Monday,  29th of May before stopping to make enquiries from a group of women. It was during the chat that the woman noticed the pistol on him and the unfortunate happened.

Updates from Ghana has it that the youths who carried out the brutality have all taken to their heels, fearing a revenge may come from colleagues of the late officer.

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