Recession hits Africa’s xenophobic land


South Africa is no doubt one of Africa’s royal sites. Aside her being the home of Late African Foremost Leader, Nelson Mandela, her development over time and political maturity has been one prestige that other countries on the continent envy the country for until recently when the countrymen opted for xenophobia attacks against their fellow Africans.

It is rather unfortunate for South Africa, this time, as the country joins the list of countries having to deal and struggle with economic recession. It is even more worrisome because no one is sure, not even experts, when the country will recover. According to eNCA, this recession hit is the 8th time in the history of the country since 1961.

How the country could not make a 1% expansion as required by market expectation during this quarter has been blamed by many on deficiencies in the Zuma’s administration. It is reported that the economy contracted by 0.7%, leading the country into an unfortunate economy stiffness.

South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lashed the current administration of ANC for incompetence, describing the party as one with the orientation of “self-enrichment, lies and theft of public funds “. The spokesperson of EFF, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, attacked the government in a statement on Wednesday,  6th of June, stating that the government has failed in her responsibility to move the country forward.

“It is now evident that the government has neither the ideological nor policy response to this depressing state of affairs. Instead of fostering, enhancing and harnessing economic growth, the ANC is busy developing mechanisms on how to loot people’s tax money from the fiscus.”

Ndlozi further disclosed to South Africans that the consequences of the recession is less flow of cash and spontaneous reduction in purchasing power. He however prepared them to expect the worse hit in education, social grants, offers and healthcare.

“Under Zuma’s administration, South Africa has been auctioned to a foreign family-led criminal syndicate which has siphoned off billions of rands from South Africa’s fiscus. Under Zuma’s administration, South Africa has been relegated into sub-investment (junk) status and [is] now facing recession.”

Also in the statement,  Ndlozi described Zuma’s administration as “a mafia and criminal syndicate that will steal everything and destroy” the “current and future prospects of a stable society”. Whatever went wrong in the country to land her in recession is currently under study.

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