UN Security Council receives kudos from foreign secretary over their resolution on arms smuggling in Libya

Following the recent order given by the United Nations Security Council, calling for the inspection of suspected vessels on the high seas off the coast of Libya, Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, in a Press release from the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, has lauded the Council’s resolution, describing it as a sure way of curtailing further Arms Smuggling activities that has been taking place across the coast of Libya.

The Foreign Secretary registered his acknowledgement of the resolution in the release. He stated that the resolution is an indication that the International communities are strongly committed to fight the illegal flow of weapons into Libya. He said the resolution will drastically displace criminals who seek to smuggle arms through the sea.

“I welcome the UN Security Council’s decision to unanimously adopt the UK drafted resolution targeting arms smuggling in the high seas off the coast of Libya.

“The resolution demonstrates the international community’s commitment to tackle the illegal flow of weapons into Libya, which fuels internal conflict.

“It enables international and regional organisations to stop vessels thought to be carrying arms, and acts as an important deterrent to those seeking to smuggle arms into the country by sea.”

Boris Johnson went further to assure Libyans that the United Kingdom is religiously committed to stabilising their homeland and guarantying life safety. He however urge the international community to implement the resolution so as to make arms smuggling history on the coast of Libya.

“The UK is committed to bringing this conflict to a close and give the Libyan people the security and political stability they deserve. We call upon the international community to act quickly and firmly on this resolution, and to collectively tackle other flows of arms that continue to destabilise the country.”

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