Migrating refugees rescued by Libyan Coastguard


African, Asian and Arab refugees from Libya, attempting to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea off the western city of Sabratha, were saved on Friday by the Libyan coast guard.

It is reported that, the rescued refugees totaled up to 906. As informed by the coast guard spokesman, the refugees were rescued seven miles off the coast of Sabratha.

According to General Ayoub Qassem, the coast guard spokesman, 98 of the rescued refugees were women, including seven of which were pregnant and 25 children.

“A coastguard patrol from Zawiya, located in the west of Tripoli, cut off five inflatable boats plus a wooden vessel that was carrying 906 migrants at dawn, on Friday,” explained General Ayoub.

The General elaborated that, one of the rubber boats had holes in it, to the point of sinking, while the wooden one did not have a motor.

It is said that, since the death of the once President of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the country (Libya) became the most departure point for migrants desiring to reach Europe after crossing the sea.

Libya has been in an ongoing bloody civil war since 2011, therefore, the situation is no good for anyone, as some people say.

Migrants believe that, crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe will help them find work and be able to earn a living.

They have faith that, despite the fact that they might not have much money, at least they will be able to eat food daily and have shelter in a calm environment. They know that they will be able to send their children to school, and at least make a home away from home.

Records depict that, more than 60,000 migrants have so far (this year) crossed the central Mediterranean route that goes from Libya to Italy.

Unfortunately, some of the migrants do not get a chance to reach their destinations as they die on the way, due to the unfavorable transportation means.

Most of the migrants are packed onto ill equipped vessels by Libyan smugglers.

On June 11, 2017, it was reported that, 8 migrant bodies were spotted by fishermen in the east of Tripoli. The bodies were then recovered by the Libyan coastguards from an inflatable boat, and dozens were feared missing.

“In general, this kind of boat carries 100 to 110 people. We have just 8 bodies, so we do not know what happened to the others,” Issa Al-Zaroog, a coastguard spokesman in the town of Garabulli was reported saying, on the then incident.





Reporter: Namuddu Shamilah

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