NBCI Denounces Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel For Not Implementing Its Black on Black Crime Prevention Plan


Washington, DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations and 15.7 million African Americans, denounce Mayor Emmanuel for not being willing to even acknowledge the receipt of its plan or implement the The National Black Church Initiative Crime Prevention Proposal For Chicago, Illinois: Working to Institute a Scientific Solution-Based Approach in Solving Black on Black Crime. We sent the Mayor a confidential plan over one year ago and he never acknowledged receiving it nor is he inquisitive enough to have contacted us so that we may provide critical technical assistance to Chicago. The Mayor unveiled a similar plan one year ago, however, it was not as innovative as NBCI’s own, though it is obvious as to the result of the Mayor’s plan. It has spectacularly failed.

Rev. Anthony Evans President of the National Black Church Initiative says, “The National Black Church Initiative stands ready to work with the City of Chicago and even this Mayor to offer an innovative approach based upon the latest law enforcement advancements and science, and a deep sense of African American culture to help this City overcome its deep pain of driving its African American citizens to such an nth psychological degree that they truly believe that there is no value to life and they get to kill at will. NBCI’s plan would transform Chicago in 18 months if given the necessary resources to do so and we can literally do it without law enforcement. Even though Chicago Police Department have no moral integrity we are still willing to work with them to demonstrate the uniqueness of this plan.

We are willing to challenge the City leaders of Chicago to provide $3,500,000.00 in grant money and they will see a dramatic change in the crime rate in one of the hot spots of Chicago drop to almost 45%. We challenge them to take this major leap, even though we know that the core issue of their inaction is due to the fact that in the deep center of their human heart, they are cold-hearted racists. This is one of the core reasons why the violence rages on without any sign of abatement. The Black Church would be derelict in its duties if we are not willing to step up to the plate and offer the City of Chicago a plan to serve and save its humanity. NBCI can get the job done.”

Even President Trump has upstaged the Chicago Police by sending in ATF Federal Agents to assist them in their crime fighting techniques. Like the Mayor’s plan this will not work as well. Our plan clearly sees the community as the key point in stopping crime in Chicago.

Since sending the plan the crime has not abated not one inch and the Chicago Police Department continue to be morally corrupt to its core with little redeeming values. The Bible teaches us that sometimes we must deal with evil to transform it. The Mayor is drunk with arrogance, thinking he knows what is best for the Black community. If someone had said this about Jewish people they would be called anti-Semitic. This is why the Mayor is the worst of the racists, because he patronizes and at the same time demonstrates the depth of his inhumanity to the people that God allowed him to serve. The Black Church tried to warn Black Chicagoan not to re-elect him and now they are suffering at the arrogance of a man who has not shown that he has a heart in a long time. His in your face and nasty leadership style has not moved Chicago forward one inch.

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