Burmese leader Auug San Kyi visits Rakhine after over 600,000 Muslim citizens had been kicked out of their homes by Hindus

Sittwe: Burmese Nobel prize winner Auug San Kyi arrived Rakhine under high security on November 2, 2017 it was her first time visit after violence which has been reached peak after August.

According to media reports, it was her impromptu one-day trip to check the law and order situation in the de-facto state and she was strongly condemned by Muslim countries because she was failed to stop the clampdown against Muslims in Rohingya.

It had been acknowledged that death score in Burma ensured military crackdown including turning villages into ashes result in forcing them to driven out from village.

According to Miss Kyi, “I am now in Sittawe and will go to Maungdaw and Buthiduang too.

“It will be a day trip.”

“We will bring more reforms in the state by planning to end up the conflicts and bring more development to Rakhine,” she added, “This will be done by the civilian government, in the partnership with local business groups and foreign donors.”

BBC’s Jonathan Head says, “International adds agencies are still not being allowed full access to the affected areas.”

However, Miss Kyi talked about reforms and change in Rakhine, she condemned rights abuse but she didn’t blame the army on ethnic cleansing.












Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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