Qatar to host World Cup despite Covid-19 pandemic


Qatar has said it would host FIFA World Cup in 2022 as planned despite the current coronavirus threats and the fallout that is projected to follow it for years to come.

The Qatari Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, stated that government is consulting with the organizing committee of the World Cup, preparing to comply with likely changes to be issued by health officials in the efforts to combat coronavirus spread at its 90% nearly complete stadiums during the tournament.

Mohammed said Qatar was working very closely and strongly with different healthcare organizations to make sure it delivers a healthy and safe World Cup.

“Once it’s clear for all of us, I’m sure that we are going to put it out to the public,” he said.

The emergence of coronavirus pandemic in late last year has seen Qatar record 65,495 cases and 49 deaths from the disease to date.

The Gulf nation, with a population of 2.8 million, has put in place a rigorous test and trace system though some have been critical of the system.

The first time Middle East country to host the World has continued to get fully prepared for the 2022 tournament.

The FIFA World Cup is scheduled from 21 November-18 December, 2022, breaking with tradition with winter kick-off to avoid Qatar’s scorching summer heat.

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