Statue Vandalism: U.S Republican leader proposes legislation to cut federal aid to states


The Republican leader, Leader Kevin McCarthy, in the U.S House of representative has introduced a legislation that would cut federal aid to state and local government if they fail to take urgent actions to put a stop to protesters’ attacks on monuments.

While introducing the bill on Thursday July 16, 2020, with Jim Jordan and Sam Graves who are fellow Republican Representatives, McCarthy criticized protesters he called “left wing mobs” who keep attacking statues across the United States.

Condemning the attack on monuments, McCarthy said, “It is wrong to erase our history.”

McCarthy further stated that local government should restore order and arrest rioters who attack monuments and statues.

He said failure to do so would cause some federal funds to the local government to be withheld.

The bill came after some Democrats pushed legislation that would see the Confederate monuments and statues removed from the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Following George Floyd’s murder, Confederate statuses have been the target of protesters who have been taking down statues across the U.S.

Robert E. Lee’s and Christopher Columbus’ statues are examples of those already taken down.

The U.S President Donald Trump has severely criticized the protesters’ attack on monuments especially those depicting slave traders.

The president also criticized U.S legislators who support removing the Confederate monuments.
President Trump as result has threatened a prison term penalty that would be a decade long for those who vandalize monuments or statues.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic House Speaker in her response to the bill said on Thursday that it was expected that the House would pass the legislation next week or the week after.

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