Tropical storm Isaias topples tree, kills man in Queens


A man sitting in his van in Queens have been crushed to death on Tuesday August 4th, 2020, after Tropical Storm Isaias topples tree over the van.

The 59 year old contractor met his end when a massive oak crashed down on his white work van, landing across the car’s roof, on 84th Drive near Smedley St. in Briarwood about 1 p.m.

Authorities said, “Mario Siles, 59, died at the scene.”

Describing the incident, Cristian Lopez, the super at the Winston Apartments, said, “There was a boom, the tree came down and crushed everything.”

Lopez added that, “He was a contractor doing work for us, he was renovating an apartment on the six floor after the tenant moved out.

“He was working with his son, who went up to the apartment with some materials. He was waiting for him to come back down. He was out there maybe 20 minutes total.”

He continued that “He was still inside the van, his body was crushed. When the cops came, his son walked up. They asked him if he knew the guy.

Mario who lived in Harlem and owned his contract g business was described as a good, hardworking man.

“He was a plumber but all did all kinds of work. He did everything.” said a neighbor.

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