Jordanian doctor dies after jumping off building



A young Jordanian doctor committed suicide after posting a cryptic message on social media, local media reported on Thursday.

Born in 1997, Mirona Asfour, ended her life by jumping off a building at the Jordan University Hospital in the capital Amman where she worked as an anesthesia resident.

“Remember be [for my good deeds]… or forget me… I am forgotten anyway,” she allegedly wrote on Twitter before killing herself.

A Jordanian security source said that police found Asfour’s body inside the premises of the Jordan University Hospital, adding that an investigation has been launched and forensics were working to determine the cause of death.

Dr. Jamal Masaad, the president of Jordan University Hospital, said that they lost contact with Asfour at around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

After failing to reach her even though she was on duty, Masaad informed security forces as well as security guards at the hospital.

Surveillance cameras at the hospital helped track her and they eventually found her body on the ground floor after midnight.

Meanwhile, her family issued a statement calling on media outlets and social media users not to circulate rumors about her death and explained that Asfour suffered from severe depression ever since her mother died in 2020.

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