Yusef Salaam receives MMC endorsement as NYC Council District 9 candidate


Sheikh Musa Drammeh, the Chairman of the Muslim Media Corporation, New York, has officially endorsed Yusef Salaam for the New York City Council District 9 in Harlem.

The endorsement was announced on June 8, 2023.

According to Drammeh, MMC is proud to endorse Yusef Salaam as the ideal candidate to represent Harlem in the New York City Council District 9.

Sheikh Drammeh stated that Salaam, a member of the Exonerated Five and a lifelong resident of Harlem, embodies the values and aspirations of the community.

He expressed wholehearted support for Yusef Salaam, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to justice, advocacy for marginalized individuals, and dedication to uplifting the community.

“Salaam’s personal journey as a victim of a broken criminal justice system has fueled his passion for change and inspired him to fight for the rights of the marginalized,” said Drammeh.

Yusef Salaam’s activism, education, and platform as an inspirational speaker have made him a powerful voice against mass incarceration, police brutality, and the inherent inequalities within the justice system.

Muslim Media Corporation CEO, Mutiu Olawuyi, also praised Salaam’s remarkable journey and tireless efforts to address systemic challenges, stating that he believes Salaam will be a strong advocate for the concerns of the community.

“Yusef Salaam’s remarkable journey and his tireless efforts to address the systemic challenges in our society resonate deeply with us. We believe he will be a strong advocate for our community’s concerns,” Olawuyi expressed.

Salaam’s extensive involvement in organizations such as the Innocence Project, Justice 4 the Wrongfully Incarcerated, and the Frederick E. Samuel Community Democratic Club demonstrates his deep understanding of the daily issues faced by Harlem residents.

Muslim Media Corporation recognizes Salaam’s dedication and expertise, making him an excellent choice for City Council.

Drammeh further commented that Salaam’s knowledge, experience, and commitment to the well-being of the community set him apart as an outstanding candidate to represent District 9.

“Salaam’s campaign focuses on unity, justice, and community empowerment, aiming to create a diverse coalition that amplifies the voices of all constituents, including working-class individuals, voters of color, and those disillusioned with the political process,” Drammeh said.

Muslim Media Corporation urges the residents of Harlem to rally behind Yusef Salaam’s campaign and support his bid for the New York City Council District 9.

“Together, they can work towards a brighter future for all residents of Harlem.”

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