Muslims counter critics, back Kaaba-like painting of Muslim Community Center in Brooklyn


Several reactions have trailed the painting of Muslim Community Centre (MMC) in New York City.

According to a leader at the center in Brooklyn New York, Muhammad Bahe, critics have described the painting as Bid’ah.

“I’M TOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Funny story: Many hating on MCC saying this is “Bid’ah”…,” Bahe posted on his Facebook page.

This negative reaction prompted a question from Bahe to his Muslim Facebook followers: What do you think?

Responding to the question, Shakeel Jumoon said, “Bro, carry on with the good deeds. There are many collectibles, pictures and replicas of the Kaaba around. As long as we are not venerating them, there’s nothing wrong.”

Another Muslim, Amr Elakkad responded, “I don’t have an opinion about the look of your building, because i don’t really think it looks like the Kabaa’. However, I don’t think you can say: “hating on MCC saying is Bidaa” either.

“Just because someone thinks it’s Bidaa’, does not mean they hate MCC. We have to respect each other point of opinion and differences, as long as there are good reasons behind the differences.”

He added, “That’s how the Sahaba (ra) dealt with their differences. I am also assuming that the other side calling this a Bidaa, were respectful of how they objected to the building.”

Ahmed Soboh reacted that, “I think it’s a great idea. It looks great.
The Kaaba didn’t have this look till recently. It used to be red at some point and green and white at other times.
So there is no religious significance in the black and gold covering to say we cannot imitate it or that’s it’s a bida.”

In another reaction, Shaza Syed, a New York-based Muslim, wrote, “…and when the foolish address them (the servants of the Rahman), they only respond with peace. (25:63)

“May Allah SWT bless this community and increase this beautiful center to be among the best and the most incredible centers of dawah!”

Bahe concluded, “I see it as one of the BEST forms of dawah in NYC for non-Muslims to visit.”

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