MSF urges immediate resumption of food aid in Ethiopia


Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), an international non-governmental organization, has demanded the “immediate” resumption of food aid distribution in Ethiopia. This plea comes in response to the suspension of food assistance in the northern region of Tigray by the United States government and the United Nations Food Programme (WFP) back in May, which was subsequently extended to cover the entire country.

According to MSF, Ethiopia is currently grappling with distressing levels of malnutrition across the nation. In a recent press release, the NGO highlighted the alarming prevalence of acute malnutrition, surpassing the emergency threshold of 15% established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Among the most severely impacted regions is Tigray, where the scarcity of rainfall has ravaged the herds belonging to pastoral communities. This dire situation has led to the highest number of severely malnourished children under the age of five and the lowest vaccination coverage in the country. Consequently, the region is now at risk of widespread epidemics due to compromised immunity.

The suspension of food aid has exacerbated an already precarious situation, pushing vulnerable populations even further into the depths of hunger and malnutrition. MSF’s urgent plea aims to draw attention to the critical need for the immediate resumption of food assistance programs in Ethiopia, with a particular emphasis on the beleaguered Tigray region.

As the nation battles against the devastating consequences of food insecurity, it is crucial for the international community to rally behind MSF’s call and join forces to address the pressing humanitarian crisis. The resumption of food aid is not just a matter of providing sustenance; it is a lifeline that can help save countless lives and alleviate the suffering of millions affected by malnutrition in Ethiopia.

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