Saudi Arabia demonstrates strong commitment to education, global cooperation


Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the education sector, underscoring its dedication to intellectual growth, skill development, and research. As the new academic year approaches, the Kingdom’s efforts in this domain continue to foster innovation and prepare individuals for success on the global stage.

The nation’s dedication to environmental protection and maritime safety has also garnered international recognition. The United Nations successfully averted a potential environmental disaster by unloading more than a million barrels of oil from the floating tanker FSO Safer, situated off the Yemeni port of Hodeidah. This commendable effort was praised by Saudi Arabia, which had been actively advocating for action on the tanker.

Key figures, including Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, chaired a Cabinet meeting held at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah. During this session, discussions revolved around bilateral relations with leaders from Eswatini, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. These talks emphasized collaboration across various fields to strengthen global ties.

The Cabinet further highlighted the nation’s economic aspirations in line with Saudi Vision 2030. Recognizing the importance of global economic and investment relations, the Kingdom aims to create mutually beneficial opportunities that align with its strategic vision.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s commitment to combating corruption on an international scale was affirmed during the 2nd Anti-Corruption Ministerial Meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20) held in India. The “Riyadh Initiative for Enhancing International Anti-Corruption Law Enforcement Cooperation” achieved significant milestones, uniting anti-corruption agencies from 90 countries under the GlobE Network.

Underpinning its dedication to Islam and unity among Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia hosted an international conference focused on strengthening collaboration among religious affairs departments, Ifta, and sheikhdoms worldwide. The conference aimed to counter radical ideologies and promote tolerance and coexistence among diverse populations.

The Cabinet meeting also addressed various issues and made several decisions, including approving a memorandum of understanding for energy cooperation with Argentina. Additionally, the Saudi Ministry of Culture received approval to collaborate with its Egyptian and Panamanian counterparts in the cultural field.

In sum, Saudi Arabia’s recent actions reflect its multi-faceted commitment to education, global cooperation, environmental responsibility, and combating corruption, all in line with its broader strategic goals. These efforts underscore the nation’s role as a global leader in various domains, driving progress and fostering international unity.

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