Breaking News: Drone attack targets building in central Moscow


A drone attack has struck a building in central Moscow, raising concerns over escalating tensions. The Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, has confirmed that air defenses successfully intercepted the drone, but its debris landed near the city’s Expo Center. This incident marks a continuation of similar attacks on the Russian capital.

Unverified videos circulating on social media depict thick gray smoke billowing into the night sky above Moscow. Authorities from Ukraine have not yet responded to the situation, though Kyiv officials have previously denied any involvement in attacks on Moscow. The assault occurred around 04:00 local time, according to Russia’s defense ministry via Telegram.

Reports suggest that after triggering the city’s air defense systems, the drone altered its trajectory and crashed into a non-residential building on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. This district houses various government edifices, and fortunately, initial accounts indicate no casualties.

“The targeted Expo Center, situated less than 5km from the Kremlin, serves as a significant venue for conferences and conventions. A witness at the scene described the attack as causing “a powerful explosion,” further intensifying the sense of alarm”.

The Russian defense ministry asserted that the debris did not result in any fires. Mayor Sobyanin echoed this sentiment, stating that the drone caused “insignificant damage” to the building. Yet, state-owned news agency Tass reported partial outer wall collapse spanning an area of approximately 30 square meters. The incident temporarily prompted the closure of Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport, though operations resumed shortly after.

“Until recently, Moscow had largely remained insulated from the Ukrainian conflict. However, recent months have seen a surge in drone strikes targeting the city. On May 30th, a series of attacks damaged several structures”.

“Then, on July 30th and 31st, two separate drones struck a skyscraper near the Expo Center. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky characterized these events as the war “returning to the territory of Russia,” underscoring what he deemed an “inevitable, natural, and absolutely fair process.”

“Coinciding with the Moscow attack, Russia’s defense ministry reported the destruction of a Ukrainian sea drone attempting to target Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet. This latest development intensifies concerns about the deepening conflict between the two nations”.

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