Iranian realtor arrested for unconventional apartment sale to canine


A prominent real estate agency’s director in Iran has been taken into custody by the authorities after a viral video emerged showcasing the firm’s unusual transaction involving the sale of an apartment to a dog. This incident, which has sparked considerable attention, has raised questions about societal norms and legal boundaries.

The video, which circulated widely over the weekend, portrays an Iranian couple signing legal documents transferring the ownership of their apartment to their four-legged companion, a small white dog named “Chester”. The peculiar scene unfolds as the dog’s paws are gently pressed onto an ink pad with the assistance of a woman, ultimately stamping the contract.

In the footage, the woman explains the couple’s reasoning, stating that they lack heirs and have opted to sell their property to their beloved canine companion. While there is no explicit law prohibiting dog ownership within the country, dogs are commonly perceived as impure in line with prevailing cultural and religious beliefs. Many traditional clerics discourage keeping dogs as pets.

The ISNA news agency reported on Sunday that law enforcement has initiated an investigation into the incident. As a result of this development, the head of the real estate agency was apprehended, and the firm was forcibly closed. Deputy prosecutor general Reza Tabar, quoted by the judiciary’s Mizan Online website, expressed concerns about the sale’s implications, asserting that it “normalizes the violation of the society’s moral values” and lacks a “legal basis.”

Although the identity of the detained realtor remains undisclosed, this event has spurred discussions among Iranians, particularly within the upper and middle classes, who have increasingly embraced pet ownership as a modern trend, frequently involving dogs and cats.

As the nation grapples with the intertwining of traditional values and evolving social norms, the incident highlights the complexities surrounding property rights and pet ownership in the Iranian context.

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