Iraq, UK strengthen security collaboration


Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani has granted approval for the forthcoming signing of a declaration of intent between the Iraqi and British Ministries of Interior.

This development unfolded during a meeting held on Monday, where Al-Sudani engaged with British Minister of State for Security, Tom Tugendhat, and his accompanying delegation.

“The talks centered around bolstering bilateral ties and fostering a deeper level of security cooperation aimed at combatting terrorism and addressing corruption. Al-Sudani lauded the UK’s steadfast support in Iraq’s battle against the ISIS group. He underscored the crucial nature of partnering with the British authorities to tackle transnational offenses including smuggling, human trafficking, drug-related activities, and the extradition of individuals implicated in corruption cases”.

“Importantly, Al-Sudani emphasized that the Iraqi government has formulated both a national strategy to counter human trafficking and another strategy to combat drug-related issues within the nation”.

“Tom Tugendhat conveyed Britain’s readiness to stand behind the Iraqi security forces, offering advanced technological support. He commended the dedicated efforts of Iraqi security agencies in their resolute fight against terrorism, especially their pivotal role in eradicating the ISIS terrorist organization, contributing significantly to Iraq’s stability”.

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