Iraqi Oil Ministry welcomes arrival of new oil tanker


The Iraqi Ministry of Oil officially unveiled the latest addition to its maritime fleet, the impressive oil tanker named “Sumer.” This announcement was made on Tuesday, underscoring the nation’s commitment to expanding its oil transportation capabilities.

According to statements from Ali Qais, Director of the Iraqi Oil Tanker Company (IOTC), the unveiling ceremony took place in China, where the IOTC’s technical team formally received the new vessel. The “Sumer” boasts an impressive tonnage of 31,000 tons, positioning it as a formidable asset for Iraq’s oil transport endeavors.

Director Qais further revealed that following its ceremonial debut, the “Sumer” will embark on a journey from China to Iraq, with its anticipated entry into active service slated for September. This vessel is part of a larger initiative, as the IOTC had previously entered into a contract with a Norwegian company in 2020 to construct two oil tankers, both designed to accommodate a cargo capacity of 31,000 tons each.

Highlighting the IOTC’s aspirations, Director Qais emphasized the company’s strategic vision of acquiring a modern and diverse fleet of oil tankers through collaborations with internationally renowned companies specializing in maritime solutions. As of now, the IOTC boasts ownership of a remarkable array of 17 oil tankers, encompassing various tonnages. Additionally, the company possesses four smaller-tonnage tankers exclusively dedicated to fuel supply, enhancing operational efficiency.

In recent times, the IOTC had also communicated plans for expansion, stating its ownership of four tankers with tonnage varying between 10 and 13 thousand tons. Furthermore, the company remains engaged in the construction of two additional tankers, both with a tonnage capacity of 30 thousand tons. This resolute expansion underscores the IOTC’s overarching strategy, which is centered around procuring oil tankers tailored to diverse payloads. This approach allows the company to effectively transport both crude oil and refined oil products to global destinations, solidifying Iraq’s stature as a significant player in the international oil market.

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