Saudi Arabia rejects allegations of attack on Ethiopian migrants at Yemen border


Saudi Arabia has officially rebuffed claims made by an organization alleging that Saudi border guards targeted Ethiopian migrant groups crossing the Saudi-Yemeni border. According to the Saudi Press Agency, an official source has dismissed these assertions as lacking factual grounding and originating from sources of questionable reliability.

“.The source strongly criticized the deliberate dissemination of false accusations against the nation by specific organizations. These allegations, propagated through distorted and deceptive reports as part of biased media offensives, are noted to be recurrently orchestrated with questionable motives”.

“The statement confirmed that appropriate medical assistance had been previously extended to groups of individuals who had sustained gunshot injuries from armed factions. These actions were purportedly undertaken to pressure them into illicitly entering the Kingdom via the Saudi-Yemeni border”.

“Highlighting the dedication of law enforcement authorities in Saudi Arabia to upholding the tenets of human rights enshrined in both domestic legislation and international human rights protocols, the source emphasized the provision of humanitarian aid to those detained for breaching border security regulations. The treatment accorded to them aligns with the country’s legal framework and its responsibilities under universally recognized human rights benchmarks”.

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