Niger gives French ambassador 48 hours to depart country


The political situation between Niger and France took a tense turn as the Nigerien junta demanded the departure of the French ambassador, Sylvain Itte, from Niamey within 48 hours. The move comes after Itte declined an official meeting scheduled with the Nigerien foreign minister.

The Nigerien Foreign Ministry, in a statement released via state broadcaster ORTN, stated that Itte’s refusal prompted the withdrawal of his credentials and cited other actions by the French government that were perceived as detrimental to Niger’s interests.

Responding to the situation, the French Foreign Ministry acknowledged the request made by the junta but maintained that the authority to approve such a demand rests solely with the legitimate and elected authorities of Niger. The Ministry expressed that the putschists lacked the power to make such decisions.

Amidst these developments, CNN reached out to the French Foreign Ministry for its input on the matter. Additionally, the US State Department received information from Niger’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning online circulation of letters urging the departure of certain American diplomatic personnel.

However, the State Department clarified that these letters were not officially issued by the Ministry, and no formal request had been directed to the US government. The situation continues to evolve as diplomatic tensions between Niger, France, and the international community remain a topic of concern.

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