SalamAir inaugurates nonstop flights connecting Muscat to Baghdad


SalamAir has unveiled its direct flight route between Muscat and Baghdad. The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed this development on Wednesday, marking a pivotal moment for both nations. Ahmed Al-Sahaf, the spokesperson for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, conveyed his congratulations to SalamAir for initiating the direct air connection between the two capital cities.

Highlighting the significance of this milestone, Al-Sahaf emphasized that the establishment of direct flights signifies a crucial stride towards fostering enhanced relations between Iraq and Oman. The newly introduced aviation corridor is anticipated to usher in fresh avenues for collaboration across various sectors, underscoring the shared commitment and trust between the two nations to bolster their strategic partnership.

This strategic move is poised to not only facilitate smoother exchanges between the two countries but also cater to the needs of travelers seeking seamless connectivity. The acclaimed Omani airline is set to operate this route thrice a week, utilizing Airbus A320neo aircraft to ensure comfort and efficiency for passengers.

With affordability in mind, SalamAir is offering a competitive starting airfare of 97 Omani Riyals, roughly equivalent to $252, for its Muscat-Baghdad flights. The pricing aims to make travel accessible and attractive for individuals seeking to traverse this newly established aerial bridge.

This news follows SalamAir’s recent expansion efforts, which saw the addition of three new destinations during June and July. These include Almaty in Kazakhstan, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and the Turkish city of Rize. This expansion is part of SalamAir’s broader initiative to bolster tourism via Muscat and Salalah international airports.

In tandem with these developments, Iraqi Airways, in collaboration with Boeing, is embarking on a journey to broaden its destination network. Modern aircraft will soon ply routes to Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China, reflecting the airlines’ commitment to providing enhanced travel options for passengers.

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