Successful air strike in northern Iraq claims lives of 3 ISIS Operatives


The Joint Operations Command in Iraq confirmed a significant victory on Wednesday as three ISIS terrorists met their demise in an aerial attack within the Salah Al-Din governorate, situated to the north of Baghdad.

In a formal statement, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command divulged that their national air force flawlessly executed the strike on Wednesday, utilizing cutting-edge F-16 fighter jets. The operation was meticulously planned to target the residual elements of the notorious ISIS group.

The statement offered additional insights, revealing that alongside the eradication of the three extremists, a series of tunnels and hideouts exploited by the ISIS militants were obliterated. The challenging geographical terrain further added to the complexity of the mission.

Meanwhile, across the globe, a somber announcement resonated from the Elysee Palace in Paris on Tuesday. An elite member of the French Special Forces had succumbed in Iraq while participating in a counter-terrorism endeavor aimed at bolstering the Iraqi military.

The fallen hero was identified as Sergeant Nicolas Mazier, marking the third French soldier to meet a tragic end in Iraq in the span of one month. This sequence of losses included a soldier’s demise during a tactical operation on August 21, followed by another casualty in a vehicular accident on August 18.

The nation of Iraq celebrated a monumental victory back in December 2017 when it declared the complete liberation of its sovereign territory from the clutches of ISIS after a prolonged conflict that spanned nearly three years.

During this enduring battle, French forces have staunchly stood in solidarity with the international coalition led by the United States of America. Since 2014, this coalition has provided unwavering support to the Iraqi armed forces in their resolute fight against the scourge of terrorism.

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