Iraq, India clash in 49th King’s Cup showdown in Thailand


Iraq’s national football team is set to square off against their Indian counterparts this Thursday at the iconic 700th Anniversary Stadium in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This clash marks a pivotal moment in the 49th edition of the King’s Cup, an esteemed international football tournament celebrated for its tradition of showcasing world-class talent since its inception in 1968.

Football enthusiasts from around the globe are expected to converge upon the stadium, creating a vibrant atmosphere as the “Lions of Mesopotamia” lock horns with the Indian team for the first time in over a decade, their previous encounter dating back to 2010. Historically, Iraq has demonstrated its dominance, securing victory in five out of six encounters, with a lone match concluding in a 1-1 draw.

The 2023 King’s Cup lineup includes host nation Thailand, Iraq, India, and Lebanon, promising a fierce competition for football aficionados to relish. In a pre-match press conference held on Wednesday, Iraq’s national team coach, Jesus Casas, emphasized the significance of their participation in this esteemed tournament.

Casas stated that it offers an invaluable opportunity for his team to compete against Asian counterparts, distinct from the European and South American teams they are accustomed to facing. Furthermore, it allows them to assess the skill level of their players when pitted against teams from their own continent.

Football enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await this electrifying encounter between Iraq and India, which promises to be a highlight of the 49th King’s Cup.

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