Egypt Air workers strike led to cancellation of 50 flights



By Godfrey Olukya 8-9-2012

Egypt Air hostesses and stewards strike that took place yesterday, lasting for 12 hours affected 50 flights and hundreds of passengers.

They were striking for better working conditions. They had threatened not to resume work unless their demands were dealt with.

‘They caused the suspension of over 50 international departures from Cairo between 4:00 am and 4:00 pm (0200-1400 GMT). 50 flights were ultimately cancelled.’ said Aviation security officer, Abdul Karim.

Some passengers joined the striking workers. Hundreds of passengers affected by the strike crowded into Cairo airport.and they shouted in protest.

The airline administration said it was doing everything possible to contain
the situation.

Karim said, ‘Efforts were made to stop the strike in the shortest time possible. Tourism Minister Mohamed Hisham met the striking workers and they discussed how to bring about harmony. He promised that he would discuss their grievances with civil aviation authorities.’

They later suspended the strike pending a meeting on Sunday with Civil Aviation Minister Samir Imbabi. However although the strike was stopped
last evening, normal flights started today.

Aviation authorities estimated the cost of the strike at six million Egyptian pounds (around 775,000 US dollars.


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