More time given for Muslim Cleric murder investigations



By Godfrey Olukya 20-9-2012

More time has been given to team investigating the killing of radical Muslim cleric Sheikh Aboud Rogo so that it does a thorough work which will satisfy all stakeholders..

The team has been given two more months in which to do its work. The Kenyan community, especially the Muslims are eagerly waiting for the report.

Kassim Njoroge, a butcher in Mombasa said,’ We want to know who killed our man. We will not rest until when we get to know who did it and we want those involved to be severely punished.’

Shiekh Rogo who had been earlier accused of funding terrorist groups, was shot dead in Mombasa as he drove his vehicle through the streets with several members of his family. Since his death, Mombasa, the 2nd biggest city of Kenya has never been the same.

His death sparked off angry protests from his supporters leading to over 20 deaths deaths including 6 policemen. Much property was
destroyed and looting occurred in many parts of the city.

Kenya’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko said,’ We have given the team more time so that they exhaust
investigations. We have also transformed the team into a task force , hence giving them more powers to effectively deliver .’

The task force comprises of officers from the police, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and Law Society of Kenya.

The decision to change the group into a task force comes after civil society groups demanded that it be given more powers to investigate other recent mysterious killings in Kenya.

Immediately after the murder,

government had given the team two weeks in which to produce the report but officials on the team complained that that period was not sufficient.


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