Libyan government crackdown on stubborn militias



By Godfrey Olukya 24-9-2012

The Libyan government has started a crackdown on lawless militias in the country’s capital Tripoli and other parts of the country following the recent murder of US ambassador in the country.

Although many militia have joined the official army and others integrated in interior ministry thousands of others have been
loitering aimlessly with their guns in towns and some rural areas making it difficult for post Muammer Gaddafi government to disband or discipline them.

The militias had also taken over military compounds, state property and the properties of past regime members and their relatives in and around Tripoli.

The action of evicting the militias came shortly after national assembly chief Mohammed al-Megaryef announced the decision to dissolve all militias that did not come under state authority

‘At the end of last week we issued an ultimatum ordering them to evacuate the properties because they did not belong to them.’ said military official, Ibra Iddi. A few left the property but the majority stayed there.’ he added.

Since yesterday, the army has been able to throw out the militias from several properties. Among such property is the military complex on the highway to Tripoli International Airport and bungalows overlooking the sea.

‘We have arrested some militias especially those who tried to resist. We have managed to confiscate their weapons. But a good number of them left after seeing us showing determination to use all means to throw them out. ‘Iddi said.

The operation, which is expected to last for three weeks was carried out by National Mobile Unit of the army.


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