Sudanese Islamists threaten to hold a Jihad



By Godfrey Olukya 27-9-2012

Threats of declaring a Jihad against Sudan government have been announced by a coalition of Sudanese Islamist groups called Islamic
Constitution Front (ICF).

ICF has said that if the government refuses their demands of putting in place a constitution based on Shariah law, they will be left with
no option but declaring a Jihad.

The threat comes after the country’s president Omer Al-Bashir announced on 13 July the formation of a committee comprising
unidentified religious scholars and experts in law, politics and economic tasked to draft a permanent constitution for the
predominantly Muslim country following the secession of the mainly Christian South Sudan in 2011.

‘ We totally reject the constitution committee,’ said ICF’s chairman Al-Sadiq Abduall Abdel Majid.’ We request that the government holds a plebiscite on the process of constitution-creation.’

ICF’s secretary-General Nasir Al-Sayed said that they are running out of patience.He said, ‘We have been very patient with the government. We might resort to Jihad against the government by mobilizing the public to protest in demand of an Islamic constitution.’

He under-looked the constitution-drafting committee, describing it as a group of non-achieving technocrats who lack qualification to
determine the fate of millions of Muslims.

ICF’s insist that since Christian dominated south Sudan became independent,there is no reason why Sudan with a Muslim population at
97 per cent does not adopt Sharia law.


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