The Scramble for the world

To: all Africans, Arabs & Asians
The US/Vatican/West had pitted stupid Africans against stupid Africans and stupid Arabs against stupid Arabs. Now they are turning stupid Asians against stupid Asians who are so stupidly blinded by their so called democratic, human & religious rights which are actually their global designs to rule & dominate the world & pick up the spoils of wars as in Afghan, Iraq & Libya! Next are Iran & Syria, then on to break up stupid Asian countries whose stupid rebels fall for their sweet promises of so called ‘freedom’ which is ultimate bondage to their proxy rule!
“Many of the contradictions between China and Japan are the creation of the United States”.

After World War II, according to the Cairo Declaration (1943) and the Potsdam Proclamation (1945), the Chinese government resumed its sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, which were illegally occupied by Japan after the Sino-Japanese War (1894-95).In 1951, Japan and the US signed an illegal treaty in San Francisco without inviting China, which should have been a party because the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory. The islands were then “entrusted” to the US according to the treaty.

The Chinese government has never recognized the San Francisco treaty. Using its Cold War policy against China, the US purposely handed over the administration of Okinawa, which was under its trusteeship, and the Diaoyu Islands to Japan in 1971 despite the vehement protests of the Chinese government and compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. This is how the Diaoyu Islands problem became a territorial dispute between China and Japan, and the Americans are well aware of that.

After sowing the seeds of friction between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands, the US wanted to observe the situation from a distant and reap the benefits emerging from an intensified dispute. But after China’s rise, Japan began asking the US for more support and greater commitment. Washington used the occasion to get behind Japan and hinted that the US-Japan security treaty covered the Diaoyu Islands. As a result, Japanese politicians are now playing with fire. But the US will not sit by and watch while Japan tries the patience of China, which could draw Washington into a conflict between Beijing and Tokyo. This is also not in line with the US’ interests. It seems that after sowing the seeds of discord between China and Japan, the US wants to act as a mediator, a contradictory but unique role.

The US wants to fulfil its global strategic objectives, including containing China’s rise and undermining its maritime interests. The Diaoyu Islands are the first islands marked out by the West to contain China. Washington will not allow Beijing to regain control of the Diaoyu Islands without a struggle. It is determined not to allow Beijingto challenge its dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, even though Beijing has no plans to do so.

Washington and Tokyo are not engaged in a monolithic calculation. Besides, China’s increasingly rapid development has made it an indispensable partner for dialogue and cooperation for the US. And given China’s influence on the international community, the US has to consider overall Sino-US relations before taking any hasty decision. So in the final analysis, the Diaoyu Islands dispute is the result of a power game”.

Conclusion — Just pause & think who will stand to gain the most should China or S.Korea will to clash with Japan over their island disputes? One good example is how the previous trilateral talks on free trade agreement & the usage of their own currencies to trade have suddenly being derailed. So to the people of China & Japan….don’t allow yourselves & the future of your countries being used & ruined by the selfish vested interest of the 3rd party nation to maintain her grip on the world’s stage.

Sincerely yours,
Yang Changshi
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