Amnesty international concerned about killings in Congo



By Godfrey Olukya 10-10-2012

International human rights organization, ‘Amnesty International’ has today issued a statement on violation of human rights in eastern Democratic republic of Congo in which it said that it is much concerned about the increase of ethnic-related violence in the country.

It has requested authorities in the country to bring back sanity in the part of the country where there is chaos.

M23 rebels and other militant groups in eastern Democratic republic of Congo have been causing chaos for several months while fighting with government troops.Thousands of people have been displaced. Others fled into neighboring countries like Uganda and Rwanda where they have been placed in refugee camps.

Reports from battlefields indicate that the rebels rape women and recruit children into their forces. Both acts are against international human rights.

According to Amnesty international, between May and September 2012, the
Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR), the Nyatura and Raia Mutomboki armed groups in Masisi territory specifically targeted civilians who belonged or who were believed to belong to certain ethnic groups.

An aye witness, Dembo Mkili who managed to escape to Uganda said’ Armed FDLR rebels killed those who did not belong to their tribe. They would put them at gun point before cutting off their heads with machetes.’

Amnesty International has called upon the government of Democratic republic of Congo to immediately halt clashes in the eastern region of the country.

‘The government in Congo should stop the violence and hold perpetrators to account. Human rights abuses continue unabated and with total impunity,” said Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty International’s Africa Director.


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