Anti corruption members of parliament threatened with death



By Godfrey Olukya   12-10-2012

Uganda’s legislators have expressed fear over their lives following the burning down of the house of one of their colleagues.

They have requested government to provide them with body guards so that they are not killed by people who think that they are stepping on their feet.

Of recent Uganda’s parliament has waged war against rampart corruption  and construction of illegal structures in the city. They have made resolutions that have led to demolition of some structures in the city center.

The parliamentarians  have  expressed fears that government is not providing adequate protection to citizens following the burning of Buyaga west MP, Bernabas Tinkasimire’s house in which his wife died and another  person sustained severe injuries.

He was not at the house when arsonists set fire on it using petrol. He had spent the night at his other home.

Tinkasimire, a vocal parliamentarian, is one of those who have waged war on corruption although he is a member of ruling party. He claims that he had before the burning of his house told parliament that he had been receiving threatening messages on his mobile phone.

He said,’ I have ever informed police about threats I get on my phone. The messages indicate that if  I do not stop supporting the demolition of illegally constructed buildings in the city, I would be dealt with.Before attacking my home they first broke into the house of my brother.’

another member of parliament, Theodore Sekikubo said’  The affected member of parliament had reported the threats to police earlier but police did not respond. Such incidents  may scare us from talking for our voters for fear of our lives.’

Other legislators including Winnie Kiiza, Gilbert Bukenya and Mathias Nsubuga said it was a big challenge for the country given the ongoing murders in the countryside without government response.

They cited incidents in different parts of the country where over 11 lives have been lost in less than a month.

Some members of Parliament also blamed police of being reluctant despite members reporting threats received from anonymous callers.

Member of parliament, Peter Ogwang said, ‘I have ever got threatening messages like many others, from anonymous people and reported to police for security. But police wants us to provide  accommodation for police guards, which is an extra cost we can not  meet.’

But, the minister of internal Affairs Hillary Onek also said he has on several occasions been trailed by unknown people, forcing him to seek  re-enforcement elsewhere but promised to follow-up on the investigations so far done and punish culprits according to the law.

He however said that police is facing the challenge of man power with only 43 thousand out of 65 thousand required man force.


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