2 killed in gunfire in Kenya at Islamist’s home



By Godfrey Olukya       15-10-2012

Police in Kenya has said that two people were last night killed near  the home of Islamist leader of Mombasa Republican Council, (MRC) Omar Mwamnuadzi.

Three other people reportedly sustained injuries while 38 have been arrested in a police operation that took place at 2.am. The operation was aimed at arresting Mwamnuadzi and his followers but he managed to escape.

According to area police chief, Richard Mugwai the two people were shot dead  and 38 people arrested following a heavy gunfight near the home of  Omar Mwamnuadzi.He said that among the arrested, 35 are men while 3 are women suspected to be Mwamnuadzi’s wives.

Mwamnuadzi has been on the run since October 8th 2012 when police began a crack down on gangs operating in the coast region. A good number of his followers have so fer been arrested.

Mugwai said, ‘Two people were killed.They  were the bodyguards of the wanted Mwamnuadzi. They had barricaded the road heading to Mr Mwamnuadzi and began attacking a police vehicle with a petrol bomb which did not explode.’

He said that after Mwamnuadzi’s guards started shooting at police, policemen had no alternative but to return fire which killed the two guards.

Mombasa region which has most Muslims in the country has been experiencing insecurity caused mostly by police arresting Muslim clerics suspecting them to be supporting Al Shabaab terrorists based in Somalia.In response, Muslim youths cause chaos by looting shops and setting fire on vehicles.

Police highly suspects that some people in Mombasa region plan to start terrorism in the country.

Police officer, Felix Oundo said, ‘There are people who are planning to start chaos from Mombasa. We recovered some items from Mwamnuadzi’s home which indicates that they have bad plans. We recovered a gun with 15 rounds of ammunition and four petrol bombs.’

He said police will do it best to get rid of all those who want to start chaos in the country.


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