Returnees in south Sudan are being robbed, raped



By Godfrey Olukya   16-10-2012

Hundreds of South Sudanese who recently returned from Sudan have complained that they are often attacked by gunmen who not only grab their property at gun-point but also rape girls and women.

The returnees who have complained about being robbed and raped recently came back from Sudan where they were living. They had been placed in refugee camps after south Sudan acquired her independence last year.

On return to South Sudan most of them were relocated to Abu Camp,near  Rumbek town in  Lakes State.
The deputy chairperson of the Returnees association in Rumbek, Mose Amading Jou, said,’The returnees  have raised concern about their security. They have reported attacks by gunmen who force them to hand over their property.’

Jou said that several  cases of robbery and rape have been reported to state authorities but nothing has been done so far. He added that one of the reasons why there is insecurity in their area is the big number of guns in civilians’ hands.

He said, ‘Security is bad simply because most people, be it in army uniform or not, carry guns which have caused fear to our small children. At night some of those with guns come and attack us.’

Saying that  life was terrible when they were in Khartoum, he lamented that they never expected to be molested when they returned in their home country.

‘When we were in Khartoum it was worse’ he said. ‘But now in South Sudan people can sit and discuss a way forward. Unfortunately we are at times attacked by gunmen.’

He said the gunmen do not spare the women. He said, ‘Women are forced to come out of their huts at night with their husbands. The men are instructed to seat down. The women are grabbed, pulled to the bush where they are raped.’

Rumbek County commissioner, Abraham Meen Kuc, said  that he has received complains about robbery and rape in the camp. He said that they will deploy  night patrols in the camp to arrest the gunmen.’



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