11 people die in Libya clashes

By Godfrey Olukya    18-10-2012
At least 11 people have died and over 70 injured following an attack on Bani Walid town by Libyan army Shield brigade and a few militants.

Ban Walid is where former Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi was born and up to now some people there still support him although he is dead.

The attacking forces  are now based in the outskirts of the town since those inside it are also resisting their entry.

A Libyan newspaper quoted a doctor at Bani Walid general hospital, Taha Mohammed saying, ‘They  are trying to enter the town; they have not succeeded yet but they are coming.’

The attack on the town comes after a youth who reportedly killed Gaddafii, Omran Shaban was abducted from his home town of Misrata and shot at in Bani Walid. He later died from gunshot wounds.

It is also reported that four members of the Libya Shield brigade have been killed, and 19 wounded.

Libya army spokesman, Colonel Ali Al-Sheikhi, denied claims that the assault had been officially authorized, saying ‘We  gave no
order to attack.’

An elder in the town was quoted saying ,’ We will choose people from the Libyan army to enter the town with the agreement of Bani Walid. We will find a peaceful resolution to this situation.’


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