Muslims in Africa advised about Eid-el-Aduha



By Godfrey Olukya       20-10-2012

Muslims around Africa are preparing to celebrate Eid-el-Aduha next week with
some countries  already having announced that the day will be a public holiday.

According to Africa Muslims Family Association chairman, sheik Nuhu Kasita,
the Eid el-Aduha celebrations will be held on Friday, October 26th.

Kasita said that on that day, apart from Muslims holding prayers in their mosques they also  sacrifice sheep, goats or cows.

‘Such sacrifices are considered as acts of the ‘Sunnah’ or tradition of the prophet. According to some scholars, it is mandatory for those who can afford it.’ Kasita said.

He advised believers to help the needy during this season in order to get blessing from Allah. He urged them to feed the needy on that day.

Another official of the organization, sheik Khalid  Bali said, ‘If you have lived a life  of selfishness, and have not been helping orphans or the poor, do not think that doing so when you are on your deathbed will change your destiny.’

He said that helping the needy is one of the foundations of Islam and believers
ought to be charitable.

The two clerics wished African Muslims and all the Muslims in different parts
of the world a happy Eid-el Aduha celebrations.


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