UN secretary general talks about fighting in Libya



By Godfrey Olukya   23-10-2012

The Secretary-General, Ban-Ki-moon has expressed his concern about the  fighting in and around the Libyan city of Bani Walid.

He said in a statement issued by his office that he is not happy about  the reports indicating growing civilian casualties due to indiscriminate shelling of the city.

Ban-Ki-moon  reminds all parties of their obligations under international humanitarian law and calls on all the Libyan authorities and those in Bani Walid to begin immediately a process to resolve the Bani Walid stand-off peacefully.

The Secretary-General is of the firm conviction that the Libyan authorities must be able to extend Libyan sovereignty and state control and services throughout the territory of Libya.

‘In July elections, the Libyan people put their trust in the Libyan State. All Libyans should  work together to strengthen the legitimacy and effectiveness of State institutions across the country.’ he said

He added that the state and those militias acting in its name also have a responsibility to the people of Libya to act fully in accordance with international law, in particular international human rights law. He warned all those involved in the fighting in and around Bani Walid that they should be aware that the international community is closely monitoring the situation.

The Secretary-General believes that the situation in Bani Walid can be resolved in a peaceful manner that preserves the rights of all Libyan citizens and permits the state to exercise its responsibilities there. He  notes that his Special Representative in Libya is actively engaged in helping to defuse and resolve the Bani Walid stand-off.


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